26. jan. 2016

calorie calculator/ Kalorie beregner

If you have to think about what you consume so watch this calorie calculator.
Good to help me when I weigh 90 kg , 168 cm high and want to lose 1 kg a week.
Then consumed 1,200 calories a day.

Beregn kalorie behov her: Calculate calorie needs

-Er du nød til at tænke over hvad du indtager så se denne kalorie beregner. God til at hjælpe mig da jeg vejer 90 kg, 168 cm høj og ønsker at tabe 1 kg om ugen. Så må der indtages 1200 kalorier om dagen

calorie calculator:
Kalorieberegner/det sundeliv

Get ready for bikini season/Bliv klar til bikini sæsonen

25. jan. 2016

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Se her super god mulighed for at reklamere for mere salg i Grønland hvor alle er vant til at bestille vare over nettet og husk det er momsfrit  at sælge til Grønland.


22. jan. 2016

Raunsborg Nordic By Jim Lyngvild also know as a modern danish Viking, writer and fashion expert who built his own Viking fortress

The perfumes in Raunsborg® Nordic is created by explore nature's treasure chest of scents. Selected extracts from flowers, trees and berries that elegantly and variously characterize the Nordic freshness and mystery.

Behind Raunsborg® hiding an exciting collaboration between Plum A/S and fashion expert Jim Lyngvild
And with Jim's passion for beauty, Norse mythology was the basis for the cooperation which started in 2011, almost formed in advance. A collaboration that has now resulted in a great beauty series for women and a skincare and fragrance line for men - obviously tailored to the masculine skin - both inspired by the treasures of the Nordic nature. found effective properties from nature's own herbs , plants and flowers. The properties of carefully selected herbs and plants are used constructively and forms the basis for Raunsborg®.
which is perfect for the delicate, Nordic complexion.
And the name. It was not that hard.For what is more natural than naming series

Jim Lyngvild is a danish writer and fashion expert . He is a trained designer and currently works as a fashion writer and royal fashion commentator. Jim Lyngvild have previously written the books " Nordic mythology ", " Book of Shadows ," " Mary - Princess with style" and " Beautiful as you are"

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Silk Road Vikings and Amber

See CNN's Program About
The Silk Road

and how Vikings and amber have a story to it.
Exploring how traditional culture, arts, and trade have developed in the 21st century.
The modern Silk Road.

Beach westcoast Jutland/Denmark nearby Nymindegab

Viking Pictures from Bork Viking Harbour/Denmark 2011-2012